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Bella Sara Adventures Help

Money in North of North

To buy things, you need horseshoes, which are the currency used in North of North. There are several ways to get horseshoes:
  • Complete adventures. You’ll often get rewarded with horseshoes.
  • Sell flowers, fruits, and vegetables. You can grow them and then sell them to some characters in Trails End.
  • Buy horseshoes online. (Currently, this feature is only available if you live in the United States.)
  • Activate the secret codes on Bella Sara Tickets. Activating a secret code often gives you horseshoes.

Shopping in Canter Hollow

There are many shops in North of North, but not all of them are open for business. For a list of shops in Canter Hollow see Shops in Canter Hollow.

To find out whether a shop is open, click on the person standing outside the shop. If the shop is open, the Shop symbol () will appear. When you click on the Shop symbol (), the Shopping Window will open.

The panel on the left shows the items in your Bag. The panel on the right shows the items you can buy. For more detailed help on how to buy and sell things, visit the How to Buy and Sell Things help section.

Shops in Canter Hollow

Check out the complete list of Shops in Canter Hollow.