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Bella Sara Adventures Help


Welcome to Bella Sara Adventures. You are embarking on a wonderful journey full of exciting adventure. To get started, look for this symbol () above the heads of the horses, people, and magical friends you meet in Trails End, the small town in North of North. When you talk to one of these new friends, they’ll tell you all about the adventure they have in store for you.

To unlock more adventures, just enter the secret code on your Bella Sara Tickets.

Making North of North Magical

Help Emma Roland make North of North magical again by planting seeds in the garden plots you find around Trails End. All sorts of flowers, fruits, and vegetables can be grown here. There are everyday kinds, like carrots and bananas, but there are also some plants you’ve never seen before, like foal sprouts and aura lilies. The more exotic the plants you grow, the more magic and beauty you’ll bring back to North of North.