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Bella Sara Adventures Help

How to Unlock Adventures

You can go on lots of different adventures in North of North. Plenty of horses, people, and magical friends around the town of Trails End need your help. Sometimes they just need a small favor, and other times they need someone smart and brave, like you, to investigate mysterious events, face big challenges, and solve tricky problems.

Characters who have adventures for you will have the Adventure Waiting symbol () above their heads. Everyone is friendly in North of North, so you can talk to characters even if they don’t have an adventure for you.

Where to Look for Adventures

Trails End is a small town, but it’s still easy to get lost there at first. That’s why you have a World Map!

To open your World Map, click on the World Map button () at the bottom of your screen. The You Are Here symbol () shows where you are now. The Adventure Waiting symbol () shows where to find characters with new adventures. If you move your mouse () over the Adventure Waiting symbol (), you can find out how many adventures are waiting and which characters can get you started on them.

Now go find yourself some adventures! Keep playing Bella Sara Adventures to discover more and more of North of North. Trails End is just the beginning!

How to Get More Adventures

There are lots of free adventures to play in Bella Sara Adventures, even though it might not look like it at first. Sometimes when you finish an adventure, a new adventure is unlocked.

If you run out of free adventures, you can unlock more adventures by activating the secret codes on your Bella Sara Tickets, found in Bella Sara Card Packs, Bella Sara Miniature Packs, and other Bella Sara products. Every Bella Sara Ticket has a secret code that unlocks one or more Bella Sara Adventures. What adventures will your secret codes unlock?

Adventure Journal

Once you’ve unlocked an adventure, your Adventure Journal will help you remember everything you need to know about it. If you’re ever unsure what to do next, just check your Adventure Journal.