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Bella Sara Apps

Available now on your mobile devices

Bella Sara is now available as apps, games and ebooks for ipad, iphone/touch, Android, Kindle and other devices. Keep watching BellaSara.com or the iTunes store or GooglePlay for new products and launch dates!

Bella Sara novels now available for your e-readers and tablets.

Bella Sara E-books now available now on Kindle, Nook and iBooks.

The first novel, Emma's Story, is currently available. Other books will be coming out soon!

Now available in color! Originally released with all black and white photos, now several of the illustrations are full color, with all the beauty of the Bella Sara world.

Treasure's Hunt App!

Available now, Treasure’s Hunt exclusively in the iTunes Store.

Guide Treasure, the magical sea horse, through the sea, collecting fish of all different colors. Avoid eels and puffer fish that can hurt you and Eddie the Angler, who wants to eat you! Collect fish in rows to earn big bonus points. Discover power ups and mini games. Earn achievements and get on the Game Center Leaderboard!

Bella Sara Trading Cards App

Now you will be able to collect and Bella Sara on your Apple mobile devices!

Collect sets will be released several times a year. Start collecting some of the old Bella Sara cards in the digital version and start a new collection. Trade with your friends using special "bump" technology.

Collect cards from Sunflowers, Moonfairies and Starlights now. Play games with friends with duplicate cards, share on Facebook (if you're over 13!)

Coming Soon! Bella Sara E-Magazines and E-Comics

The Bella Sara fan magazine and for the first time in English, the Bella Sara Comics will soon be available for your tablets, readers and mobile devices.

Availabe for iOS (Apple) devices and Android